Ascona-Losone-Locarno…Day 3

On day three, shopping in Locarno was on the plan. Shopping on piazza grande is really convenient, since there's one boutique after the next, including 2 of our bigger swiss department stores (but that is not very interesting since you can find those everywhere in Switzerland). It is even more fun when you go on … Continue reading Ascona-Losone-Locarno…Day 3

Ascona-Losone-Locarno…Day 2

On the second day of our Spring Break trip in Ticino, my son and I went for a bike ride in the morning, along the Maggia river close by the hotel, in Losone. Here are some pictures of what we saw along the ride. The Maggia river is also a big tourist attraction, since there's … Continue reading Ascona-Losone-Locarno…Day 2

Ascona – Losone – Locarno… Day One

On our first day in Ticino, which is in the southern part of Switzerland...the italian speaking part... we went to the pristine little town of Ascona. Ascona is known for its car free lake promenade, and its old town with all kinds of little boutiques, some selling italian-made fashion, and its art galleries. We went … Continue reading Ascona – Losone – Locarno… Day One