My Italian Grandma’s Treasures

Well, actually, it's my treasure now! Things to remember my grandma by. Things I inherited when we sold her apartment in Florence, Italy. She was a grand lady. Beautiful, gracious, educated, cultured, well dressed, well mannered, intelligent, and all that mixed up with her italian temper. I miss her so.... Thankfully, my mom, aunt and my … Continue reading My Italian Grandma’s Treasures

Ascona-Losone-Locarno…Day 3

On day three, shopping in Locarno was on the plan. Shopping on piazza grande is really convenient, since there's one boutique after the next, including 2 of our bigger swiss department stores (but that is not very interesting since you can find those everywhere in Switzerland). It is even more fun when you go on … Continue reading Ascona-Losone-Locarno…Day 3

Ascona – Losone – Locarno… Day One

On our first day in Ticino, which is in the southern part of Switzerland...the italian speaking part... we went to the pristine little town of Ascona. Ascona is known for its car free lake promenade, and its old town with all kinds of little boutiques, some selling italian-made fashion, and its art galleries. We went … Continue reading Ascona – Losone – Locarno… Day One

Preview of our Ticino trip

We're heading to the italian part of Switzerland today, called Ticino (in italian). To be exact, we're going to the city of Locarno, which is one of the favorite spring break destinations of many swiss germans. Once you're there, you actually think you're in the german speaking part of Switzerland, cause that's pretty much the … Continue reading Preview of our Ticino trip

Easter eggs and goodie bags….

Yesterday we had a family brunch, including ten kids. So my son and I prepared goodie bags for the kids, big and small. Here's how you get quick, non-plastic, home made, Easter goodie bags. BTW, plastic is a big issue to me. It's everywhere, readily available, and increasingly polluting our planet...even our bodies ( but … Continue reading Easter eggs and goodie bags….


Love, is a strange can be fleeting...and when it is true, and lasting, then it's complicated....inclined to have ups and downs...beautiful, happy, joyful times and downright difficult, desperate's something we're all looking for...big and small...successful or poor...pretty or is what we live for...(aside of some who strive for success instead). We can … Continue reading Love

Easy, healthy, tasty Steak Dinner with Fruit-Salad-Desert!

This dinner doesn't need too much work, it's healthy, and just yummy! I made this for two (my son and I), using two pretty lean steaks, from which I cut the excess fat away. To season the two steaks, I used one garlic clove, some thyme, and some rosemary, both from my little kitchen herb … Continue reading Easy, healthy, tasty Steak Dinner with Fruit-Salad-Desert!