I love food! I like to cook, and try new recipes. I get my cooking inspirations from cook books, cooking shows, and my own ideas, or even just from pictures. I usually change recipe’s around, add my own “stuff” and amount, and use my “instinct” to switch, or substitute, ingredients. Especially when I have an ingredient missing. 😉

For me, food is a lifestyle…what you eat, how you eat, and why you eat.

Well, the obvious “why” we eat is…because we have to, in order to live! Duh! But, what I mean with “why” is: do you eat because of stress? Frustration? Have a craving?  Because you loooove food? Or just because you’re hungry? We eat for different reasons. I eat because of all those reasons.

The “how” you eat means, do you eat at the table with family or friends, or alone? Do you eat standing? Or while on the run, or even driving? Do you eat fast, or slow? Do you enjoy and savor your food, or just scarf it down? Do you prefer food with candle lights, quiet, or with music, or even in front of the tv? There are so many different ways to eat. I eat in many different ways, and places.

The “what” you eat is the most important one. You have to make sure you get all the right nutrients your body needs, watch your sugar and saturated fat intake, in addition to the amount you eat. I love healthy food! I try to avoid pesticides,  processed foods, and pre-made foods….and plastic too, nowadays….

But, all those good intentions don’t follow through all the time. What I eat, really depends on my emotional state. When I’m stressed, frustrated or exhausted, I don’t eat as healthy as usual. In that case I tend to eat whatever I can get my hands on!  And this usually results in me getting tired even faster, sick faster, and even more stressed, because I don’t get all the vitamins my body needs. When in those moments it needs them most. Additionally, I even feel very uncomfortable in my body, and if I don’t watch what I eat for a longer period of time… I gain weight…like most people do. Unless you’re one of those lucky people who get to eat whatever they want, and never gain a pound (I envy you) And because I’m not one of those lucky (darn), lucky people, I usually watch what I eat.

But to be honest, it’s not because of the weight that I like to eat healthy. Healthy food just makes you feel better and… healthier. AND it tastes better! That’s why I cook with all fresh, and as much as possible, organic ingedients. Every day, at least twice a day. That is, until I hit one of those very stressful periods…and every time after the stress is over, I re-start my healthy eating lifestyle. It’s like a cycle…. I know (long pause), one should always stick with the healthy eating habits, but eh, I’m just human too. Sometimes you just don’t feel like standing in the kitchen several hours a day washing, peeling, cutting, and dicing fresh veggies and fruits.

In addition, as a mom you sometimes run out of ideas to cook. Or you’re just way too exhausted to cook. Especially when you have a picky eater at home, and you know already ahead that your kid is going to complain about what you cooked. That alone can already be exhausting. 😉

Anyhow, since I love food, healthy food, and I like to experiment with it and try out new recipes, I will regularly post food that I have made. So maybe I can inspire you too, for days when you don’t have a clue what to cook.


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