My swiss style breakfast burrito

One of my favorite comfort foods is a good breakfast burrito. Every time I go to California, the first thing I need to do is order one of those at the local Mexican. I just love it! They usually look like this Actually, they usually even look better, yummier! This weekend I made a simple … Continue reading My swiss style breakfast burrito

Berry Friands

Today I tried a new recipe, and made some berry friands. If you don't know what they are, here's a link  that explains it Basically they're similar to muffins, only that you use almond flour and egg whites. For making these you need: 200g Butter60g regular flour160g very fine sugar120g almond flour5 egg whitesLemon zest from … Continue reading Berry Friands

Sweet Potato Muffins…yummmm!

Here's how you can make this yumminess for yourselves: YOU'LL NEED 300g of flower1 1/2 tsp of baking powdera pinch of salt1/4 tsp backing soda80ml buttermilk80ml whole milk (or just 160ml of creamy milk if you can't find any buttermilk)1 big sweet potato, cooked and puree'd115g room temperature Butter135g brown sugar 2 eggs If you want … Continue reading Sweet Potato Muffins…yummmm!

After my summer break: cooking right, for the right vitamin intake, amongst other things

Dear readers After being away from my blog for a while, I now finally have found the time and inspiration again to write. And during this time away, a lot has happened. We finally finished all the renovations on my house, right before summer break.  We went to San Diego, California for a month. Then … Continue reading After my summer break: cooking right, for the right vitamin intake, amongst other things

Easy, healthy, tasty Steak Dinner with Fruit-Salad-Desert!

This dinner doesn't need too much work, it's healthy, and just yummy! I made this for two (my son and I), using two pretty lean steaks, from which I cut the excess fat away. To season the two steaks, I used one garlic clove, some thyme, and some rosemary, both from my little kitchen herb … Continue reading Easy, healthy, tasty Steak Dinner with Fruit-Salad-Desert!

My kitchen herb garden

Good morning, to my lovely kitchen-window-herb-garden! Can't wait to see you all grow, and deliciously flavour my delightful dishes. I just love the fact that herbs not only flavour our dishes, but also have several other qualities and can be used in different ways. Here are just a few... Lavender Although usable as an ingredient … Continue reading My kitchen herb garden

Quick and easy Tuesday night dinner

Want a quick and easy "Tuesday night" dinner? Here we go! This is for two people: Get two fresh rainbow trouts, some potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, an onion, some fresh parsley, any other herbs you like with fish, salt and pepper and you got yourself your dinner! Just kidding! We're not having Sushi here, we're actually … Continue reading Quick and easy Tuesday night dinner