A dog meets dog, meets dog day.

On one of my daily walks my 10 month old, white boxer, finally got to meet my moms boxer. Which was about time that he finally met her. And they got along very well. Which isn’t such a common thing, because my last boxer did not like her! He actually attacked her!

And on that beautiful and sunny day, we then met another white boxer as well. Which is a rarity here in Switzerland! My boxer usually gets confused with a Dogo Argentino, or a Bullmastiff or even a Pit Bull. And Pit Bulls are not allowed here in certain cities anymore. People are scared of them. And from Dogo Argentinos. Therefore, they get scared when they see my white boxer. I get evil looks and comments at times. It’s very bothersome.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to see another white boxer! I was so happy! To find someone who has the same problem with her boxer as I do. It felt good to talk about this with someone who understands you. And it was great to see the two white ones hit it off so well, and be so playful with one another. And my mom’s dog…she wasn’t too interested in the two boys, although they stayed all together. She let the boys play, and minded her own business staying close.

It was a great doggy meets dog play day.



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