My Italian Grandma’s Treasures

Well, actually, it’s my treasure now! Things to remember my grandma by. Things I inherited when we sold her apartment in Florence, Italy.

She was a grand lady. Beautiful, gracious, educated, cultured, well dressed, well mannered, intelligent, and all that mixed up with her italian temper. I miss her so….

Grandma and I, over ten years ago.

Grandma and I, over ten years ago, on our last vacation together, in Ibiza.

Grandma and Grandpa, dancing in Ibiza

Grandma and Grandpa, dancing in Ibiza, one year before she got ill.

Thankfully, my mom, aunt and my grandpa left me those things of her to keep. All kinds of items that I treasure a lot, and am holding on as keepsakes, to feel closer to my grandma…to feel her presence…her energy….keeping her memory.

We lost her too early…to Alzheimer’s…

While honoring her, I like to think, and act, with the notion of reuse, reduce and recycle…So, I’m doing two things at the same time. Aside of it all having an emotional value…I’m integrating most of those items into my household. Some will be used for special occasions. Some will be put into my interior design. Some will be left as is. Some will get refurbished, refinished and retouched.

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You might be thinking, how old fashioned all these items are. But, for one, as mentioned above, it has an emotional value, so it doesn’t matter what it is, or how old it is….and two, I’ve done the contemporary furniture interior thing for many years. And, although it gives your place a nice, pure, modern feel, it bores me quickly.

Yes, contemporary furniture and decor IS cool, and it’s following mainstream trends…but it doesn’t show real character, nor individualism……it doesn’t have history…although, it will be history at one point…hehe. Either way, what I like to do now in my interiors, I mix old with new, modern with rustic. It gives my place more character, more life. It reminds me of the history of certain pieces. It keeps my memories of grandma and my dad more alive (yes, I also have things from my dad in my household). It also represents my life, my loved ones, my values, my attitude. It represents me.

Also, putting to use the idea of reuse, reduce and recycle, I encourage anyone to do so with pretty much everything. But staying with inherited pieces, I think it’s kind of sad, that, as soon as a family member passes, most items that were treasured for years, suddenly get dumped, like a piece of junk (if they don’t have any monetary value). But, if you definitely can’t find any use for such items, at least donate them, or sell them to a second hand shop. You might make someone very happy to find such a treasure. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”. Also, consider that in our fast paced society, where everything is available, everywhere, and at any time, we forget to treasure things. We tend to use and toss, then replace… without thinking twice about what it does to our environment.

It seems we get more and more detached and have little, or no value for certain things anymore. And even though, you can pretty much replace anything, you cannot replace the people you’ve lost…

I know,I can’t replace my dad or grandma with their things, but it makes me feel connected to them. Yes, I get the idea that we shouldn’t hold on to our past too much, nor live in the past. But, holding on to keepsakes, and still useable items, doesn’t mean that you live in the past. It means, you honor it. And it means you honor the person it used to belong to. You even honor the craftsmanship that was put into old furniture, for example. Mostly, they were made by hand, by real human crafstmen…not by a machine…nor were they mass-produced…and definitely not made in China! In addition, you’re doing something else….instead of consuming, tossing and replacing – adding to the dump sites, and trash mounts everywhere – you’re doing something for the environment. So, this way, you’re doing several things at once.

Okay… stepping off the soap box now. 🙂

Now, back to my original reason for this post, which got inspired while I was unpacking the boxes with her items, which were in storage for a while….

In Memory of my beautiful grandma…

I think of her often, and am grateful that I have her things to make me feel closer to her. Her belongings, that make me smile, and remember all the good times with her, and make me feel her presence, especially when I touch them, when I use them. It makes me feel, as if she were still amongst us.

You’re in my heart, always and forever. Love you!


Mi manchi ♡

3 thoughts on “My Italian Grandma’s Treasures

  1. Pamela E Le Blanc says:

    She was a grand lady. Beautiful, gracious, educated, cultured, well dressed, well mannered, intelligent, and all that mixed up with her italian temper…. Hmmm sounds like someone I know! =) YES, you!


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