Ascona-Losone-Locarno…Day 3

On day three, shopping in Locarno was on the plan. Shopping on piazza grande is really convenient, since there’s one boutique after the next, including 2 of our bigger swiss department stores (but that is not very interesting since you can find those everywhere in Switzerland). It is even more fun when you go on a Thursday, because then they have their weekly market, where you can find all kinds of little treasures.


Thursday market on piazza Grande, in Locarno

Locarno has several other interesting things to do aside of shopping. For example a visit at the Visconteo Castle

Or a tour on the little tour train, which drives you into the old town of Locarno, and to some historical sites, to give you a quick pre-view of what you can see around town.

Or you can make a lake cruise on Lago Maggiore, starting from Locarno…or Ascona.

And here are some impressions of Locarno lakeside, from another, not so sunny day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Links that might interest you, for a visit to Locarno:  (for the castle) (for the mini train tour) (lake cruises) (tourist website of the area)


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