Ascona-Losone-Locarno…Day 2

On the second day of our Spring Break trip in Ticino, my son and I went for a bike ride in the morning, along the Maggia river close by the hotel, in Losone.

Here are some pictures of what we saw along the ride.

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The Maggia river is also a big tourist attraction, since there’s the Maggia Valley, which is a very beautiful area where the river runs through, with cliffs, and waterfalls, and rock beaches etc. I never went all the way to the valley, but we went to the beginning of the area, and I was able to take a couple photos…they just give you an idea of what to expect there.

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In the evening we went to dinner in a typical ‘Ticinese-Style’ restaurant, called  Grotto Broggini, a very rustic and cozy restaurant.

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Even the kids had a good time there since there’s a playground on the premises too.



Also, check out my post about Day 1 in this trip at:

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