Preview of our Ticino trip

We’re heading to the italian part of Switzerland today, called Ticino (in italian). To be exact, we’re going to the city of Locarno, which is one of the favorite spring break destinations of many swiss germans. Once you’re there, you actually think you’re in the german speaking part of Switzerland, cause that’s pretty much the dominant language there….kinda sad. Either way, it’s the “tropics” of Switzerland, as I call it. Although, Switzerland is known for it’s Alps, skiing, cheese and chocolate, we also have this beautiful area (Canton) with its palm trees, warm weather, beautiful flowers, and the lush green forests, right by the lake, and all this wrapped italian style, since it’s right next to the italian border.


My son and I are traveling by train, from the lake of Zurich (where the X is) down to Locarno.

Here you get some impressions from Locarno:


photo credit:



I will post more of my own photos soon…

Till then, have a great time!




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