A short story about this little bunny who found his way from the store to his new home.



This little bunny arrived a bit scared and insecure, yet curious about his new surroundings, as we took him home from the store in this box…


As his curiosity took over to explore his new surroundings he was in for an adventure! First he got barked at by that little fluffy thing…who seemed more scared of the bunny than the bunny himself


As this bunny got even more courageous to get a bit closer to those strange sniffling, barking creatures, he got investigated by this big white one, with his wet, cold nose and strong sniffles which almost made this bunny fall over…



As he recovered from this adventure, and started feeling a bit more acclimated, he even got used to the strange creatures, which, he found out, are called doggies. So, now, starting to feel at home, this little bunny even helped me and my son with some of the Easter preparations.



He even started making friends…


…and started hanging out with some homies…


But, whenever he needed a break, he went outside on the porch to get some fresh air, and discovered this little neat spot…



It turned out that he liked this spot so much, that he decided to stay there, in the fresh air, next to the lavender and the pretty grape hyacinth flowers. And this is how this little bunny found his new, permanent home. Where he can see us come in and out of the house, say hi to the doggies, and visit his homies whenever he likes.

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