The Detox Challenge…take two

So, as I mentioned in my last post, today, Monday I did pretty well. I actually made it, all day, with no bread, no dairy products, no meat, no coffee and such.

I had the same breakfast as I did on Saturday…fruit salad, tea and water.

For lunch I had a mexican style salad, which I bought at the store. All I had to do is add some salt, olive oil and vinegar. And with that I cut some carrots and celery to dip into some hummus.

Detox lunch2

Truth be told, I’m not supposed to eat any beans during this detox. Still, my salad had beans and the hummus obviously is full of garbanzo beans. But I allowed myself to have these, since they fill up pretty good and add some iron to this whole thing, which is something I’m lacking quite a bit.


In the afternoon I had some more tea and water, and an apple to hold me over till dinner.

And for dinner, I made myself a sweet potato soup.

Detox dinner 1

It’s very simple to make:

2 sweet potatoes (actually I used yams), 1 onion, some olive oil, 1/2 inch ginger, vegetable broth and cilantro. First you dice the onion, and the ginger, peel the potatoes and cut them into squares, then you put a little bit of olive oil in a pot, and saute the onion and ginger in it. Add the potatoes and the vegetable broth, just till it covers it all, and simmer for about 20 minutes. Then puree the soup with a blender. Add the chopped cilantro and some salt and curry to taste. And you’re done!

And while I was a good girl, eating my sweet potato soup and drinking my water, I sat across my son…who got to eat this….!


Oh the chicken-nugget-animals appeared to be sooo goooood to me….I was fantasizing how I was taking one bite out of the piece he was holding! Even though I’m not a big chicken-nugget fan…! See what this is doing to me?!?

For desert I had another apple, and some more tea………..

BTW, the teas I’m drinking are mostly herbal. Black tea is not allowed. Nor do I add sugar to it…just a bit of honey…yup, gotta have some sweetness…!

One of the teas I love to drink without any sweetener is the AVEDA Comforting tea. It contains licorice root, which adds a sweetness to the tea by itself. And tonight I had a liver tea, which doesn’t taste too great, so I added a little bit of honey. But whenever bearable I don’t add any sweetener during the detox.

I’m a big tea drinker. So I love to drink all kinds of teas all the time. Detox or no detox. Also, I don’t drink any soda…only maybe every two month, I will have a glass of coke (and that maybe with some whiskey…), that’s it. Which is an advantage against craving sweet drinks…I don’t really crave them since I mostly drink water, fresh pressed fruit juice (no added sugar) tea and an occasional coffee…well, the coffee…that one has to be sweet! Oh yes, I like to add quite some sugar to my cup of joe….that is my little sugar binge! But don’t tell anyone! 😉

I know, I’m going back and forth with the sugar thing here…but my point is that nowadays, drinking soda has almost become some sort of addiction. And they contain SO MUCH SUGAR! Which is one of the problems with kids drinking too much of it, and gaining weight. Well, yes, the weight thing has many other factors, but our kids, and even adults, are addicted to sugar today. Causing all kinds of problems…obesity, diabetes etc. And, yes, I know it’s not just the soda causing all this either, but just like the obesity thing, different factors playing together causing these epidemics. But, all of this is another topic.

Okay, getting off my soap box now.

And on to my next detox day…tomorrow…which might end up in another “only” half day, since I’m going to participate at my son’s school baking project in the afternoon. And then we’re going to have a bake and easter sale there…oh my…how will I survive all that!

Uh oh, almost forgot to mention…my son didn’t drink any soda at all till last year, because he hates the bubbles. He now occasionally drinks this swiss soda called Rivella, which is a “healthy” kind of soda and contains milk whey and minerals. And I hope it stays that way….until he is…uhmm 18…? LOL

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