The Detox challenge…and a challenge it is!

Okay, so I’m trying to do a detox for the next few days. Not my favorite thing to do, since it’s hard for me to live without any carbs and protein. But I’m in dire need of a serious detox! I’m positive that in the end I will feel so much better, having gotten rid of as much toxins as possible out of my body.


Sooooo, I actually attempted to start the detox this last Saturday….uhmmm….didn’t go too well…I only made it till 3pm in that afternoon, and then I cracked. And, so I literally had to have a cracker….haha

Detox Breakfast 1

Started the day off really good with this all fruit breakfast, on which I added some cinnamon, and had an herbal tea.


Detox Lunch1

That was my lunch. Green aspargus with an olive oil, lemon juice and salt dip, a glass of tomato-veggie-mix juice, and another cup of tea. And no, the chipped off part from my tea cup is not the result of me starving and trying to gnaw on it. But, as you can see, I got myself some reinforcement…the little Knights…backing me up and reminding me to be strong, and fight that huge temptation to grab some bread and any of those other sinfully good and forbidden foods, for right now….



But… a little past 3pm….this is when it was “cracker” time for me! AND with butter on top! YES! Carbs and milk product together….the huge craving diminished, the inner shaking and longing for carbs calmed down…and…. it made me feel sooo much better!


And that was it, with the detox, for that day. How weak was that! But I guess that’s cause I only had fruit for dinner the night before. Oh well, it isn’t the end of the world, and there are many other days ahead of me.

BTW, I won’t tell you what I did the rest of the day…that’s my little dirty, bread and pistacchio addict, secret…haha!

But, today, Monday, two days later, I started the detox again. And so far am doing pretty good…it’s already 2pm….and still doing good over here…no cheating so far!

More, to come later. Stay tuned!



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