Love, is a strange thing…it can be fleeting…and when it is true, and lasting, then it’s complicated….inclined to have ups and downs…beautiful, happy, joyful times and downright difficult, desperate moments…it’s something we’re all looking for…big and small…successful or poor…pretty or ugly…love is what we live for…(aside of some who strive for success instead). We can find love in little things, such as love of nature, love for animals, the love of a child. But ultimately, we all look for real love, romantic, intimate love. For the one who will be by our side for ( if possible, and realistic in our times) the rest of our lives. But love is strange…it can be fleeting…and it’s complicated…

I guess, at times, you have to fight for the love you want. It should come to you naturally, but sometimes, you have rocks or even mountains put in your way, which have to be surpassed before you can reap, enjoy, and relish your love!



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