Easy, healthy, tasty Steak Dinner with Fruit-Salad-Desert!

This dinner doesn’t need too much work, it’s healthy, and just yummy!

I made this for two (my son and I), using two pretty lean steaks, from which I cut the excess fat away.


I keep the fat for my doggies. They love this little treat!

To season the two steaks, I used one garlic clove, some thyme, and some rosemary, both from my little kitchen herb trees, some extra virgin olive oil, and coarse salt, put everything in my mortar, crushed and mixed everything with the pestle. Then rubbed the mixture onto the steaks.


While I let that sit and marinate for a while, I washed some broccoli, cut it into florets, peeled two small carrots, and cut it in little strips. And since I like to steam my veggies, I got the pot ready with some water and put my little, old school steamer gadget into it.


Steaming your veggies is the best! This way you add no fat, it cooks really fast, and if you don’t overcook it, the vitamins stay preserved nicely. Just steam it until the color of the broccoli gets really bright, no longer (!), otherwise it’s not as tasty, and it gets too soft, plus the vitamins in it kinda “die off”.



At the same time as I steamed the veggies, I cooked the meat in a little bit of olive oil, at mid heat, only about 5 minutes each side. Or, you cook it to your liking…bloody, or well done. I don’t like my meat too bloody. But, that is just my preference…

When everything is cooked to your liking, and you’ve put it all on your plate, add a few drops of lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil onto your veggies (and some salt of course)….it makes it even more yummy! Besides, it ads another healthy factor to it all, with the vitamin C of the lemon juice and the healthy fat of the olive oil.

The result of this meal looks like this…you get your protein, your veggies with all its goodness, and at the same time you make your taste buds happy, while you eat a healthy lean dinner.



For my son I added some “Hörnli” how we call it (Macaroni for the USA), so he gets his carbs as well. I didn’t make any for myself since I do not eat carbs at night, especially since I have some serious winter fat to loose. Oh the metabolism of a 40 year old…! But, that is another story…



And for desert…..

I made a very simple fruit salad.

Basically I turned this:


Into this:


I just added some lemon juice to that too, to prevent the apple and pear from browning, and sprinkled some dried peppermint on it. No sugar water, or whatever needed! The fruits are sweet enough by themselves, especially the mango and apple.


Et, once again, voila!


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