My kitchen herb garden

My little kitchen-window-herb-garden

Good morning, to my lovely kitchen-window-herb-garden! Can’t wait to see you all grow, and deliciously flavour my delightful dishes.

I just love the fact that herbs not only flavour our dishes, but also have several other qualities and can be used in different ways. Here are just a few…


Although usable as an ingredient to flavour certain foods, it is more known as a decorative plant, or for its essential oil. Its buds also make a delicious tea, which I like to enjoy in the evening hours. In France, lavender is widely used in little cloth sachets that can be put into the sock or underwear drawers. And nowadays, it is commonly known as room fragrance. It is calming and revitalizing. Taking a bath in it’s oil is a real delight. It is said to have antiseptic and anti-inflamatory properties. I just love lavender!


It’s great on all kinds of dishes! Mostly added at the end, to decorate a dish. But it can be used in a variety of ways in food, such as in stews, or fish and salads etc. Tabbouleh, for example, is one of my favorite dishes, that has parsley as one of its main ingredients. This little, unsuspicious herb has a lot of vitamins too! It contains vitamins K, C and A, plus folic acid and iron. It’s a little vitamin bomb! I like to add parsley to my juicer, especially because of the iron, since I always have an iron deficiency, and because it adds a fresh taste.


Oh dear rosemary! What a pretty name you have, with your soft needles! And what an herb you make. Oh my! Full with iron, calcium and vitamin B6. You make a lovely room fragrance, and are widely used in italian cuisine (I love to use it for meats, and even in my bolognese sauce to add some “umph”). We can even make a lovely tea with you, and you’re known to improve memory! Not to forget that you’ve even been used in traditional medicine. What a wonderful herb you are!


even though widely used in italian dishes, and thought of an italian herb, it originally comes from india. Surprised? But yes, it is so. There are many varieties of Basil, with a variety of flavors. In India it has been used for its medicinal benefits in Ayurveda. It’s known to be a great antioxidant and have antiviral and antimicrobial properties. I just think it smells and tastes great, and love to add it to my Caprese salad. A common recipe that uses basil as it’s main ingredient is Pesto, of course. It is such an exhilarating herb to me. Love it!


The last little tree in my kitchen window is a mini Thyme tree, which you can barely see since the faucet is in its way. Thyme is also very good to use in meaty dishes. It also peps up your oven roasted potatoes, or your garlic bread. Thyme oil also has been used in the antiques, and has antiseptic properties. The Egyptians even used it for embalming…..but I’m sure on food it tastes way better!

I just love herbs!

All photos used are from me personally. The details about the herbs are mostly from my own knowledge accumulated during the years and some added through

2 thoughts on “My kitchen herb garden

  1. Pamela says:

    I love herbs too! How long do these last in your house. I am in desperate need of tips, as mine always look so pretty in the beginning and then just end up dying after a few weeks!


  2. Nathalie says:

    Unfortunately my parsley always seems to suffer the most in the kitchen.I have yet to figure out how to keep that one alive too. Just make sure they get enough water, but not too much. You can drown them as well if there is too much. Just always has to be moist on top of the dirt. Also, the pot should have a hole in the bottom so the staying water doesn’t get foul, which is not good for the herbs. Hope that helps a bit.


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