Need ideas for your garden?


I went to this year’s Giardina exhibition in Zurich, where you can find everything garden. They have incredibly beautiful displays of gardens and a lot of innovative, and new ideas.

Here you can see some of the beauty of this exhibition. Unfortunately, the picture quality is no good, since I still haven’t changed my smart phone’s camera lens…it’s all scratched up. It’s really too bad. But it gives you an idea of how it all looks like, and maybe some inspiration.

Need a new pool? Or a pond? Here are some examples:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Or maybe a new fountain?

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How about a bathtub in your garden?

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Do you need some new trees or garden arrangement ideas?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Maybe you fancy some nice decor and table settings?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, this last one, a “royal” table setting, is incredible! To get it’s full effect, one should see this live. I really wish the picture quality was better. So sorry!

It won first place at this exhibition.

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