A Swiss Style Carnival…

This last weekend we were celebrating carnival in our little town, which is about 20 minutes away from Zurich. I went to check it out during two nights and took some pictures to give you an idea how we celebrate, in our small town.

One of the bigger yearly carnivals in Switzerland goes on in Luzern (Lucerne). It is one of the more famous Carnivals – aside of the one in the city of Basel – apparently. Although, I have never checked it out myself, I’ve heard it is one of the best, and lots of fun! BTW, I think most tourists who have visited Switzerland know Luzern? Since it is the most visited town here. Right? Have you ever been to Luzern?

Either way, in the meantime in my little “apple” we had quite some fun. The costume ideas are pretty awesome! And the party goes all night till the wee hours. Some of our local “Fasnächtler” (die hard carnival goers) even party three days straight. For me, one night is enough…!

We also have the guys and girls called the Guggen, who belong to a Guggenmusik association, who have their own carnival musik band. On this link you can find out more about Guggenmusik 


And here some pics:


My beautiful niece and one of the “Guggen”.

ich und Fasnächtler

He’s another one belonging to another association of the Guggen groups.


…and another one.

There are many different Guggenmusik groups/associations, who are yearlong members and basically “live” for our Carnavals. It seems that this yearly event is the highlight of their life. I guess it’s an attitude, a hobby, a passion…a lifestyle?

Each association dresses in their own style. You can basically recognize them by their attire and make up.

Here some links:



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