Vintage ads…love and hate them at the same time!

Check out these old ads. Shows you that advertising has changed, yet the attitude towards women not so much…

I do have to admit though, that I really like vintage ads when they’re not sexist. I like them cause they’re so…uhmm…vintagey…well, they’re illustrations, drawings, they’re art, they’re a craft. I like them so much that I’ve even used vintage ads as references to make a “politically correct” subjected painting. But about that, another time.

Back to these ads, they show that back then it was okay to hit women, and it was even being promoted! Those ads don’t exist anymore, yet the abuse still does! Unfortunately…




This last one leads me to the next few ads, who show that women are subordinate to men. They were only good for the household and cooking. And in that generation’s eyes, and minds, a woman had to be able to cook in order to catch a good husband! Back then, even pregnancy wasn’t an excuse not to cook!





They even had the nerve to call us women ” something of a drag”! And that we’re “useful”…indoors!

Image Aargghh!! Things like that upset me so much! Thank goodness I wasn’t born during that time!

Furthermore, using sexual connotations existed already back then. Which is something that has definitely NOT changed in advertising today. Or shall I say, has become somewhat more like soft porn at times.


And today…


Question: how does anorexic models and eating big fat burgers advertise that those burgers are any good? It looks more like those girls barf it all back out afterwards, since they don’t seem to really ingest them, looking at their bodies. Bwahaha! Okay that was mean, but seriously! 😉

Either way, ads have objectified women in the past, and still do. Back then it was the woman’s inferior status in society. Today it’s her sexualization.

In all honesty, I do enjoy looking at beautiful, and sexy people. And as a trained artist, I even see nudity as something that can be artisticly beautiful. But, super skinny women with oversized busts, spreading their legs while sucking on a burger is just a bit much, and is just plain and simple sexist!

And the abuse part is just unacceptable! Yes, nowadays it’s against the law, and such advertisement does not exist anymore, yet there are still a lot of men who  don’t get it. And why do you think that is? Cause a lot of them grew up with those images, ads and movies, where women were slapped around. Or at least their dads did, and passed that mentality along. These men still believe women are less. Still. Today. In 2014.

Disclaimer: I used the vintage ad pictures from which has also given me the inspiration to write this post. It is a topic I care about very much, especially the abuse of women, and thanks to viral nova’s post I got encouraged to write about this today. I will address this topic in the future again, since it is a serious one. The video comes from and I googled the other Carl’s Junior advertisement picture

2 thoughts on “Vintage ads…love and hate them at the same time!

  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk says:

    I think woman have come a long way, but they way they are portrayed in advertising still is not the way most woman look or act. I did fashion illustrating for years and ads always were about “beautiful people”. Sad thing is most women would rather picture themselves as these models in those clothes or eating that fattening burger and not gaining an ounce. Problem is that is unrealistic. Trend now is leaning toward more average woman, but not catching on fast enough.


    • Nathalie says:

      Thanks for your comment. And, Yes, I totally agree with you. Because of unrealistic advertisement images young girls try to starve themselves. And I really appreciate that companies like Dove try to use more “normal” looking women, and some designers even have plus sized muses (yet their runway models are still skin and bones). But it’s too bad that this trend is catching on to slowly.


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