Quick and easy Tuesday night dinner

Want a quick and easy “Tuesday night” dinner?

Here we go!

This is for two people:

Get two fresh rainbow trouts, some potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, an onion, some fresh parsley, any other herbs you like with fish, salt and pepper and you got yourself your dinner!

Just kidding! We’re not having Sushi here, we’re actually going to cook it all.

Well, it’s very easy…

Wash some potatoes, any kind you like, cut them up, leave the skin on since all the vitamins are right under it, and start boiling some water, in which you added a pinch of salt first. While you’re waiting for the water to boil, you can start peeling some carrots.

Or you could start boiling water, and then wash, cut and peel the potatoes and carrots, while you’re waiting for that rolling boil. Depending on if you have a gas, electric or induction stove.

Either way, don’t forget to put the potatoes into that boiling water! 😉


While those potatoes are cooking, grab some aluminum foil, rip off two pieces that are longer than the fish, then lay the fish on it…but, do not forget to wash the fish in fresh cold water beforehand.


Then season the fish with some lemon juice, salt and pepper, and any other seasoning you like with your fish. I used ‘Herbes de Provence’ for example to change it up and not use Dill all the time. Since dill is THE herb to use for fish…


While your fish is “marinating” in the seasoning, you can start preheating the oven around 180° Celsius. Then cut up the carrots, the tomatoes, the onion, and chop some parsley ( you can use flat leaf or curly parsley, whichever you prefer).



After that, put some of the parsley inside the fish. You can even put some of the onion inside the fish, if you like.


And then add the rest of the veggies, and onion and parsley around the fish..


Now you wrap the entire thing up, closing the fish and the veggies into the aluminum foil. Like this…


Finally, both of your fish end up in the oven looking like this…


They don’t look like much NOW! But wait 20 minutes to see the result, which then looks like this….


And then, before you enjoy this quick and easy Tuesday dinner, arrange it like that…


Doesn’t that just make you hungry?

Bon appetit!

As you can see, my so called recipes are very loose. I don’t tell you how much you have to use of certain ingredients. Well, here this meal is for two, so you obviously need two fish, at the least (well, maybe someone wants to eat two fish at once?). Then, the rest can be adjusted to the likes and dislikes of your dinner buddies. For example, since I only cook for my son and I, and I know he doesn’t like certain veggies, but prefers other things, I adjust the quantities to our needs and preference.

The most important thing with cooking, is that you use your imagination and have fun with it. Experiment. Don’t follow recipes by the smallest detail. Add your own flair to it. Be creative!

But, there are times when it’s a good idea to really follow a recipe. For example, when you are trying to impress someone, like your date, or, when you’re having a dinner party. Those are not really the best moments to experiment…unless you want an excuse to have to order take out at the end. 😉

© Nathalie Isler and modern-mommys-mind.com, 2014.  Unauthorized duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Nathalie Isler and modern-mommys-mind.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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