Last night I cooked a healthy meal for my son and I, with a recipe I got from a dieting website.

This is the recipe for two people:

Saltimbocca nature


30 Minutes


for 2 Portions
160 g Porkloins (4 pieces)
0.5 Prise Salt
0.5 Prise Pepper
40 g Prosciutto (4 pieces)
8 g Sage leaves (4 pieces)
0.5 EL Olive oil


Put salt and pepper on pork loins, then take the prosciutto and wrap it around the loins. On top, add a sage leaf and fix everything with a toothpick. Then cook it on both sides in Olive oil.

Saltimbocca prep.






0.5 Tsp Olive oil
10 g Schallions
80 g Risotto rice
0.2 dl White wine 9 Vol.%
0.5 Stk. bay leaf
1 dl Vegetable broth
0.5 dl Champagne or Prossecco
10 g Parmesan or similar cheese
sea salt

Sautee the scallions in olive oil, then add the rice and sautee all together until glazed, then add the white wine, and the bay leaf. Let it simmer on mid heat stirring occasionally. Add the vegetable broth bit by bit and stir each time. When the risotto is almost done, add the Champagne or Prossecco, and let it boil down to your liking. Before you’re ready to serve, discard the bay leaf and add the grated cheese, sea salt and pepper to taste. Then serve immediately.


Here is the entire yummy meal. I used prossecco instead of champagne. I also used some kind of bacon instead of prosciutto. It came out really good. Use your imagination to create this meal and personalize it.Saltimbocca and Champagne Risotto Dinner

Serve a nice salad with it, then you get your veggies as well.

Bon Appetit!

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