Arrived in Davos (Switzerland) this evening. I have a major head cold, and feel like s***. Hope to be able to finally recover. Been dealing with colds and bronchitis since October 2013!!! My goal here is to enjoy the area, relax and finally recover. Lets find a cure! 😉


I stayed at the Sunstar Family Hotel ***, which has very good price/performance ratio. It is great if you have kids. The staff is nice, yet a few things could be improved there. Although it claims to have three main entree options for dinner, they only give you one, unless, I guess if you tell them you’re vegetarian way beforehand, for example. But every night they had some kind of roast cut meat with the same sauce, although named differently each time…  I swear it tasted the same each dinner…and the chef experimented with some strange combinations at times, which I politely refused to eat. Yuk! But the best part of dinner, at this hotel, is that kids under six eat for free, and they get a kids buffet each night!

Aside of the food, the beds are hard as heck. So, if you have back pain as me….don’t sleep there. Also, the entire hotel is very outdated, but charming in its own way. It also has a bar, yet no one really seems to be interested in hanging out there much. They close it early since only few people go there. Another feature there is that they have an indoor pool. Which is pretty small but it serves its purpose and therefore is pretty cool as well!

And, they do have a children’s playroom and even a caretaker after 4pm until 9pm. So you can eat your dinner quietly with your friend, lover, or grandma, while the kids already had dinner beforehand at the kids buffet, and then are entertained with a movie or arts and crafts or even story telling.

They also have a Sunstar Parkhotel **** with a Wellness area, pool and massages and nicer menus. 😉

Here’s the website to this hotel:  http://familienhotel-davos.sunstar.ch

On that website you can see all the Sunstar Hotels they have in Switzerland.

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