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February 8, 2014

Hi there

This is my very first blog post. So, being a total blog newbie, I first need to get warmed up here. 🙂

I will do my best to make this blog as informative, interesting and especially inspiring as possible.

I like sharing my passions, my  ever changing and newly gained knowledge, my inspirations, my activism so that anyone with a similar mind can share their input with me, and we can all gain and learn something from one another!

I believe that we are all one people, and should be able to accept one another. And therefore, also stick together as realistic as possible, by sharing our experiences, our failures, our successes, so we can learn from one another, and grow at the same time. And in times of need,  even help one another.

I also believe in sustainability, individuality, and in speaking up. And since I’m a single mom, who cares about what is going on around the world, and with the environment -for everyone’s sake, but most importantly for my son’s (our children’s sake)- I like to call myself a Mom with a modern mind. Because a modern mom isn’t just all about the newest fashion and make-up trends, nor the newest “technological” trend, meaning the newest I-phone, tablet and so on ,or the societal trend. To me a modern mom engages herself in sustainability, in individualism, in not being scared of speaking her mind, and being independent.

Independence is a big and important word for me. It can be viewed in many different ways. A woman can be independent by making her own money. By raising a child all by herself. By not being dependent on a man, but still being able to love a man. By self-informing herself about topics that interest her. By having the courage to stand out, and not follow the usual crowd. And by loving herself, and do what she loves with no regrets, no fears, and with determination.

Okay, I think I got warmed up pretty good here! 🙂

So, to a good start. Have fun reading my posts. Until next time. Cheers!

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